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Werner Herzog: Develop your own voice

Via Jason Kottke: 24 pieces of life advice from Werner Herzog Paul Cronin’s book of conversations with filmmaker Werner Herzog is called Werner Herzog – A Guide for the Perplexed. On the back cover of the book, Herzog offers a

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Testing my ROT-13 encoding plug-in

Testing the WordPress ROT-13 encoding plug-in. Here is a HUGE spoiler (single click on the line to decode): [rot13]Rosebud was the sled.[/rot13] Cute, huh?

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Goodbye, Movable Type

Pardon the dust, please; I’m moving this site out of Movable Type and into Word Press, and from an old-school host to Media Temple. I took the week off to make this move because I have to configure Word Press

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Pondering feed readers

Do people use feed readers anymore? It seems odd to me that this never quite caught on in a big way amongst people I know. I use a feed reader and I know my wife does, but other than web

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SXsW 2010 – Friday Recap

Two panels that we were able to make it to after flying in today… Getting Stoked about Web Typography Samantha Warren Went over a lot of stuff I knew already about finding inspiration in typography – but it was refreshing

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