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Things I’ve Learned on the Internet

The long and involved commented I posted on this Cute Overload post, just because it’s one of those things I’ve finally figured out after being on the internet for over 20 years. When I’m walking down the hall and I

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Homebrew Stand-Up Desk

After reading a couple articles on the health benefits of stand-up work stations, I decided to give it a shot at work. The top is a shelf from my locker/cabinet, and the books are, well, books. I originally planned to

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links for 2008-03-22

Obama demands probe over passport breach – 2008 Presidential Campaign Blog – Political Intelligence – Barack Obama’s campaign tonight is demanding a full investigation of reports that his passport files at the State Department were viewed BY THE WHITEHOUSE

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Stop Looking for Occasions to Be Offended

I’m bookmarking this page entirely for my own self-awareness, but if you happen to find it helpful, that would be cool also. Stop Looking for Occasions to Be Offended When you live at or below ordinary levels of awareness, you

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Don’t Be That Guy

Cool Design Guy Brian Veloso has a fun forum called “Don’t Be That Guy” where you can post stories about the people who step on you in traffic, at work, as clients, etc. It’s a funny idea, but I’m afraid

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