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New Year’s Resolutions – 2013

These are really more goals than resolutions; they are things I’d like to make priorities to focus my energy and money on. If I don’t get them done, it’s cool; this is a big pile of ambitious. But these are

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Indianapolis Indoor Rowing Championships

So I entered this indoor rowing competition this past weekend, and I finished my race. Isn’t that cool? I did not win. I did not place. I came in dead last. But I beat my own time. And I got

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2012 Resolutions Check In – January

It’s not quite the end of January, but I thought I’d check in a bit early on my year’s goals because next weekend promises to be chaotic both “internally” (meaning: with my own writing plans) and “externally” (meaning: with the

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New Year’s Resolutions – 2012

A bit past the first of the year, but I had to spend some time working out what I want to do, and that took some time. This year I have three resolutions: 1) Follow the 12 month writing resolutions

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Produce as much as you consume project

In the spirit of this article I linked to the other day on Jimiyo, And a challenge from the unmarketing blog on twitter: “For one day this week, stop consuming info and create something.” I’m going to try to set

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