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Reasons not to stretch

From the NY Times phys Ed blog: Now, two new studies are giving us additional reasons not to stretch. One, a study being published this month in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, concluded that if you stretch before

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More on the rowing….

…with some pretty pictures, because my posts are too boring otherwise. I decided not to blow off the rest of my classes, despite my frustration, and that turned out to be a good thing. We went out in a quad

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Rowing at a Crossroads

I’m having some frustrations with rowing lately, and I think I need to work out on paper some of my thoughts. Indoor rowing – love the heck out of it, and I plan to do it for the rest of

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Rowing Updates

I’ve completed Learn to Row 1 and Learn to Row 2 classes at the Indianapolis Rowing Center, although we had enough rain-outs that I’m still not very comfortable on the water. I’m going to take Learn to Row 2 again

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Today Show on Rowing

The Today Show takes on the Princeton Rowing Team.

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The 5 Best Foods You Aren’t Eating

From The 5 Best Foods You Aren’t Eating | LIVESTRONG.COM. Read the whole article for why they’re healthy. NUTRITIONAL YEAST HOW TO EAT IT: Stir 1-2 tablespoons into sauces, soups, or stir-fries to add rich flavor and a protein

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Indianapolis Indoor Rowing Championships

So I entered this indoor rowing competition this past weekend, and I finished my race. Isn’t that cool? I did not win. I did not place. I came in dead last. But I beat my own time. And I got

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I really fucking love rowing

So, I joined a rowing class for the next couple months. Not in boats, at least not for winter – it’s indoor rowing on Ergometers. It’s a class through the Indianapolis Rowing Center, and it’s their winter training through January

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Things I totally did not do at work

“The Tiger could be riding atop a firebolt that is dripping blood, while holding a scotch in one hand and a snickers in the other.” The results of a far-ranging discussion about what our team name and t-shirt design should

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Health Month: A Social Network Game

A social networking game based around improving your health. Play with me. I’m electrasteph as always.

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Health care reform changes go online today provides an overview of the changes that go into affect today – helping me and thousands of other Americans with direct, real changes. Bold text indicates changes that affect me personally, italics highlights changes that affect people I know.

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Weekend Update

We managed to miss out on pride this weekend – I didn’t feel well due to something I ate on Friday (or Thursday) and I didn’t want to spend the entire festival in a port-a-let, or trying to find a

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links for 2010-04-10

Health at Every Size Very simply, it acknowledges that good health can best be realized independent from considerations of size. It supports people–of all sizes–in addressing health directly by adopting healthy behaviors. (tags: nutrition health reference) Onion Store > 'Sometimes

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Home Again

So I got home from SxSW late on Tuesday. I didn’t recap the last couple of days of the event because I was catching up on sleep and fighting what I had thought was a wicked case of allergies. Turns

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Doctor’s appointment

The echo-doppler machine in my cardiologist’s office – a routine checkup I get once a year or so.

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According to WebMD: Costochondritis is an inflammation of the junctions where the upper ribs join with the cartilage that holds them to the breastbone or sternum. The condition causes localized chest pain that you can reproduce by pushing on the

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I’ve been rather blue lately. I’m feeling creatively frustrated. I have some idea in my head that I can’t quite get out – like that time when you had that really fantastic dream, and just as you woke up, you

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I have been losing words lately. I seem to have a chronic problem of not being able to find the word I’m thinking of, losing track of what I was going to say mid-sentence, and even sometimes saying words I

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Homebrew Stand-Up Desk

After reading a couple articles on the health benefits of stand-up work stations, I decided to give it a shot at work. The top is a shelf from my locker/cabinet, and the books are, well, books. I originally planned to

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links for 2008-03-06

Putting Your Kitchen on a Diet – New York Times Blog “If you walked into a new restaurant and saw a messy, disorganized kitchen and dining area, you’d turn around and walk out the door. You wouldn’t eat dinner in

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links for 2008-02-14 Simple Private Exchange enables you to create simple private exchange points called “drops.” (tags: freeware mp3 resource tools privacy filesharing) Symptoms: Metabolic Syndrome Is Tied to Diet Soda – New York Times I’ve known this for awhile, and

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Pack Rat

my utter lack of blogging lately has been entirely due to playing a Facebook game called pack rat. It’s a card trading game and is completely addicting. I’ve completely neglected numerous obligations to friends and household maintenance due to this

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Laser Eye Surgery: Suddenly, I See

I woke up this morning with much improvement in my vision. It’s still not 20/20, but I can read text at a distance, and such. I’m back at work – one thing I’ve noticed is that I still can’t see

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Laser Eye Surgery: No More Glasses

Seeing with my own eyeballs, after wearing glasses or contacts since second grade.

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Laser Eye Surgery: Vision normal for this stage, says eye doctor

I visited the eye doctor this afternoon, and she took out the bandage contact lenses and checked out my eyes. She says everything is normal for this stage of PRK surgery, and that my vision should improve drastically in the

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