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Vivid Dreams

The first dream I had was about a house that I owned with my brothers. We were renting it out to a friend of mine, and I found out that he had a dog, which was okay, but he was

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Don’t Leave the Baby Out in the Rain

I had a dream last night that I was babysitting for people I didn’t know, and I accidentally left the baby out in the rain. Then the parents came home, and said, hey, where’s the baby? And I went out

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A-Team Dreaming

I speculated the other day that I would, now that I’m working in XML directly in the tags, start having XML dreams like I used to about HTML. But no. The dream I had last night was about the new

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Dreams – Parts 2, 3, and 4

Okay, I’ve had three more dreams recently about Sarah Michelle Gellar. In the past, I’ve had reoccurring dreams and sex dreams, but never a reoccurring sex dream. This is very cool, and I hope it lasts. Actually, only one of

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Dream Fragments

I keep a pad of paper near my bedside so that I can write down vivid dreams if I have them. Sometimes, though, if I haven’t quite shaken off the sandman, or if they aren’t particularly memorable, I won’t be

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