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Dreaming about me

In the past week, I’ve had three different friends tell me they’ve had dreams about me. That’s very odd, to say the least, but entertaining. Our friend David said in his dream, he took me to the prom, and I

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I have glue in my hair

I had two health appointments last night and this morning: my follow-up sleep study to see how well I’m doing on my CPAP machine, and my follow-up cardiologist appointment to see how I’m doing after my surgery. I didn’t manage

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Vivid Dreams

The first dream I had was about a house that I owned with my brothers. We were renting it out to a friend of mine, and I found out that he had a dog, which was okay, but he was

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Don’t Leave the Baby Out in the Rain

I had a dream last night that I was babysitting for people I didn’t know, and I accidentally left the baby out in the rain. Then the parents came home, and said, hey, where’s the baby? And I went out

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A-Team Dreaming

I speculated the other day that I would, now that I’m working in XML directly in the tags, start having XML dreams like I used to about HTML. But no. The dream I had last night was about the new

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Dreams – Parts 2, 3, and 4

Okay, I’ve had three more dreams recently about Sarah Michelle Gellar. In the past, I’ve had reoccurring dreams and sex dreams, but never a reoccurring sex dream. This is very cool, and I hope it lasts. Actually, only one of

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Dream Fragments

I keep a pad of paper near my bedside so that I can write down vivid dreams if I have them. Sometimes, though, if I haven’t quite shaken off the sandman, or if they aren’t particularly memorable, I won’t be

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The Sarah Michelle Gellar Dream

I had a dream where I was having sex with Sarah Michelle Gellar. Which is very weird, because she’s not really my type. I wouldn’t kick her out of bed, certainly, if she came up to me, and slid gracefully

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Dying All Over Again

In the first dream I had one night, I was in my house, talking to my landlady down stairs when I realized the house was on fire. I ran upstairs to get my cat, and when I finally found her,

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The Snake Dream

My brother Todd handed me a pure white snake, assuring me it wasn’t poisonous. I held onto it for quite some time, and it bit me several times. When I gave it back to him, I asked him whether I

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