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Lady Sybil Crawley

My latest TV crush: Lady Sybil, the third daughter of Lord and Lady Crawley on the BBC Mini-series Downton Abbey. Played by actress Jessica Brown-Findlay. The story is set in a huge country manor house in the years just before

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The celebrity “freebie” list

From the episode of friends “The One with Frank Jr.” (season 3, episode 5) in which the gang all consider what five celebrities would be on their “freebie list”–people they can sleep with without anyone getting upset… my list: Tina

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Oprah interviews Kate Winslet

Oprah interviewing Kate Winslet after her two golden globe wins for Revolutionary Road and The Reader. In this clip, Oprah is talking about scenes from The Reader. Note – in searching for links for this clip, I couldn’t find news

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20 Hotties for Thursday

I noted in my links a few days ago that the site has rated the “Hot 100 Women List” according to voting my their lesbian fans. This was in response to the crappy, misogynist list put together my Maxim

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You can’t do that on television…

Wow, there’s a blast from the past… Lori mentioned that she used to have a crush on Moose (Christine McGlade) the host of this Nickelodeon show… so did, I big time. I looked around for more info on her, but

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