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Wonder Woman, Batwoman and the new DC Comics

I’ve always been on the verge of being a comic book geek, without every quite arriving. As a kid I was a fan of the girl super heroes — I loved Wonder Woman, Isis and Batgirl on television, but my

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Crushable: Hannah Hart

I posted a few of the awesome “My Drunk Kitchen” videos a while back, and now the cute-as-a-button Hannah Hart is on Episode 8 of her cooking drinking show (plus a couple of bonuses like a song and an not-so-advice

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Crushable: Women with awesome voices

In my catalog of “hot women” I have a special category for women with awesome voices – and I don’t just mean singing voices, but speaking voices as well. There are a handful of women to whom I would just

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Overdue Crushable: My Wife

Since I’ve been talking about crushable women a bunch lately, I realize I’ve been remiss about writing about the most crushable of them all – my beautiful wife Stephanie. I know I talk about her occasionally and post photos, but

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Elizabeth Mitchell confesses

Shamelessly cribbed from Dorothy Snarker’s very nice blog post about Elizabeth Mitchell: this cute video of her “confessing” to TV Guide magazine. Gosh, she is really funny. I thought she was a great actress in Lost, but had no idea

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