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Delicious Annual Nut Sale (Spay-Neuter Serv.)

I know this “true story” is true, because it’s an actual memo that got sent around our work email.

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Slush Mug Commecial

We used to have these. Now that I recall, we had this type of Slush Mug, then later another version. I still have my second, newer one; mom gave it to me a couple years ago when we were cleaning

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It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature

One of my very favorite commercials from childhood. I never noticed before that she’s telling the Goldilocks story wrong at the beginning.

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National Coming Out Day

Okay, I’ve been officially called out by one of my gay friends for being flip about National Stop Lying About Your Sexual Orientation Coming Out Day, so I’ll ‘straighten’ my act out and give the day the attention it deserves.

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Scary Kid Stuff (with pictures!)

Paul the Spud at Shakespeare’s Sister asks the question “What creeped you out as a kid?” and got quite a few responses. Here are mine, many of which were from TV shows that I probably shouldn’t have been watching. 1.

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