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Etiquette Tips For The Gay Male Wedding

1. On the day of a gay wedding, it’s bad luck for the two grooms to see each other at the gym. 2. Superstition suggests that for good luck the couple should have something bold, something flirty, something trashy, something

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I Am The Very Model Of An Ex-Gay Individual

by Justin, of Gay as Justin points out on his site, “Ex-gay” people admit they have what they call ongoing “same gender attraction” (called SGA in the song) but claim they’re not actually gay. (Never mind that the definition

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Chapter Titles in Jim McGreevey’s Book

From “The Late Show With David Letterman,” Top Ten Lists: 10. “The Day I Got Caught Governing Myself” 9. “How to Pretend to Like Girls for 47 Years” 8. “From Schwarzenegger to Pataki: Governors I’d Like to Oil Up” 7.

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Weekly Grocery Lists for Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist, Summer 1962

WEEK ONE Beans Bacon Coffee Whiskey WEEK TWO Beans Ham Coffee Whiskey WEEK THREE Beans Bacon Coffee Whiskey K-Y WEEK FOUR Beans Pancetta Coffee (espresso grind) Whiskey 2 tubes K-Y WEEK FIVE Fresh fava beans Jasmine rice Prosciutto, approx. 8

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100 Best Things About Being a Gay Man

1. You truly don’t care who Julia Roberts is sleeping with. 2. You understand the difference between 43 brands of imported vodka. 3. You can call anyone "honey" including pets. 4. You know someone who definitely was in the emergency

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