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2005 Monkey News: LA Weekly’s List

LA Weekly gives us a rundown of the top primate news stories of 2005. This story is good: Contagious Yawning Science has yet to explain why humans yawn, or why we yawn when we see other people yawn. What we

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Gourmet Amigurumi

I’ve mentioned before Gourmet Amigurumi, the business run by Beth Doherty that makes great crochet animal dolls. I had Beth make this figure skating monkey for Christmas for Stephanie… along with a monkey for me, too. If you look at

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Goth Embroidery (and pirates, and monkeys!)

Sublime Stitching‘s site says, “This ain’t you gramma’s embroidery!” And they’re quite right. With patterns for everything from tikis, sushi bars, goth patterns, mexican wrestlers, pirates and monkeys, they make a really boring craft into something fun and hip. Well,

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Melissa Etheridge and other cool stuff

My friend Amy gave me Greatest Hits: The Road Less Traveled by Melissa Etheridge a few weeks ago. I’ve been listening to it, but didn’t get around to paying attention to some of the new tunes on it until this

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King Kong Day 1

I should blog about last night’s city-county council meeting, which I attended to view the introduction of Proposal 622 to amend the Human Rights Ordinance. But I’m too excited to do that because the King Kong game for Xbox is

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