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Monkey Chow

This guy is going on a diet of Monkey Chow — eating only primate food. I didn’t know they made the stuff. Maybe I’ll lose weight. Maybe I’ll gain superhuman monkey strength. Maybe I’ll go crazy. Maybe it’s too late.

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Sock Monkeys

This is one of the reasons why the internets can be BAD — I find sites like SockMonkeyDrawer, wherein I feel I need to buy all the aminals and take them home with me. They make custom, one-of-a-kind cool sock

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Daily Monkey

Daily Monkey posts a picture of a monkey every day, along with a monkey related quote. Cool!

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Expedition Everest

Posted on Flickr is a photoset of the new Disney ride Expedition Everest, which I believe has just opened. The photoset was placed by the marketing department of Disney, which is phenomenally cool. And per Disney, the theme and decor

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Orphan Baby Monkey has own stuffed duck

Loki the squirell monkey lost his mommy soon after he was born at the Taronga Zoo in Australia, but he’s getting along with the help of his zoo keeper and a stuffed duck. Nothing like a good “monkey and duck”

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