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I am a Gryffindor.


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Could be worse.

I could write like Nicholas Sparks. I write likeCory Doctorow I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing! Update: after running a few more samples of my text through, the site suggests I now write like both

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Celebrity Meter: Are You Internet Famous?

It doesn’t really say what the hell the number means, but I gather the higher it is, the more famous you are. Me not so much really; my score is 132. Obama is somewhere in the 9,000 range.

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How Jedi am I? Not Very.

How Jedi are you?

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Which Lost Character Are You?

Whatever. I wanted to be Hurley. Find out Which Lost Character Are You at! I should go back and give different answers and see if I can get him instead.

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