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How the Media Failed Women in 2013

Courtesy of The Representation Project, an overview of how the media failed women. There was a lot to celebrate this year for women in the media, but there was still a lot of crazy stuff going on. Here’s a bunch

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How I want to look at online media during terrible events

I think the latest Ask Amy video covers a some of my thoughts about how we view stuff online, and how to find better images to fill our minds and brains with. It’s hard not to seek out news stories

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I love you, Rachel Maddow

A love song to Rachel Maddow, sung by an adorable gay boy named David Sharrocks.

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Journalists vs. Pundits

I disagree with about 90% of what Meghan McCain believes in, but in general I think she’s a likable girl. I think part of that is because in the back of my head, I think she’s really a closeted liberal

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Donald Duck meets Glenn Beck

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Maddow’s “make your own verb suffix contest”

I’m not sure I can even adequately paraphrase the point of this contest, so let me take advantage of their paraphrasing: “The short version is that an Amazonian tribe uses verb suffixes as a means of indicating the source of

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your stupid poll – I can help you with that.

MSNBC is running a poll asking why people believe President Obama is a Muslim. It has some flaws, so I fixed it for them.

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links for 2010-04-09

Introducing: The Snuggie for Geeks! | Bit Rebels Um… a… strange photos. yeah (tags: knitting funny technology) An Engagement Ring Is a Deposit on a Wife | Lindsay Beyerstein | Big Think Guys – if you cheat on your fiancee,

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Snow does not disprove climate change

And Bill Nye calls guys from Fox News unpatriotic for claiming that there’s not climate change because of snowstorms. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Very powerful Public Service Ad

Nicely done. Find more videos like this on AdGabber

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The Daily Show on CNN

The Daily show on CNN’s trend of “leaving it there” and never retrieving it.

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Conservatives against Women’s Right to Vote

Transcript discussed by Think Progress: John Derbyshire, a British-American conservative author and columnist for the National Review, has written a new book titled We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism. The book contains a section called “The Case Against Female Suffrage.”

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About Roman Polanski

I’m sure you’ve had an opportunity to read all the media circus surrounding the arrest of movie director Roman Polanski. Over on Shakesville, Melissa McEwan notes and discusses several of the high-profile people defending him, including Harvey Weinstein, Debra Winger

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Obama’s speech, and my thoughts

After the jump, the full text of President Barack Obama’s address to Congress on health care reform yesterday, as prepared for delivery and provided by the White House. My thoughts: he filled in the gaps of what I didn’t know,

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Des Moines Register – Liberal Media Elitists!

That damned liberal media of the Des Moines Register (those gosh darned volvo-driving, latte-drinking, er… corn farmers!) take John McCain to the cleaners and don’t even give him back his pocket change or dryer lint. And, the paper had already

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You say Goth like it’s a bad thing…

I was kinda surprised at this NYTimes headline this morning on the front page: “Goth: Seems Like You Just Can’t Kill It” Given that goth kids get harassed and are the targets of violence all over the country, the headline

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McCain supporter Richard Cohen calls him a liar

Richard Cohen is a weekly columnist for the Washington Post and has steadfastly supported McCain this election — until now. It’s hard to pick just a small section of this column to quote, because he’s damning McCain throughout it. You

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Democracy Now producer Nicole Salazar films her own arrest

I mentioned in an earlier post that the Minneapolis police arrested journalist Amy Goodman outside the Republican National Convention when she came outside from the floor of the convention after hearing that her producers had been arrested while reporting on

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Hoosier Political Report

Taking Down Words was one of my favorite local political blogs for a long time, and I really miss it. Since Jennifer Wagner switched over to a new URL and format — Hoosier Political Report — things just haven’t been

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Financial Times Columnist fails at life

This lovely article on The Financial Times: Lunch with the FT: Gloria Steinem, says By Chrystia Freeland: For most of this decade, the conventional wisdom has had it that feminism in America is dead – or, at least, irrelevant. The

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It’ ain’t me you’re lookin’ for, babe.

Over there at stAllio!’s digs, he’s been keeping a good hand in at critiquing the local political situation. Just to sum things up a bit for you out-of-towners – Indianapolis has a bunch of dirty cops; after a string of

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Racist America comes out of the woodwork to attack Barack Obama

Shakespeare’s Sister has an ongoing multi-part “Obama Racism Watch” documenting incidents of racism in the media directed at Senator Obama (similar to their multi-part series “Hillary Clinton Sexism Watch” that is at 106 entries and shows no signs of stopping.)

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Video Debunk: Kantor video about “Indiana” is faked

There’s a video clip circulated by notorious nutjob Michelle Malkin making the rounds; it’s of Democratic advisor Mickey Kantor, who is currently advising on the Clinton campaign. The scene is an edited clip from the 1993 movie “The War Room”

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Press attempting to push Hillary out of the Race

Eric Boehlert at Media Matters for America has some interesting points comparing Hillary’s ongoing campaign to past presidential races: Looking back through modern U.S. campaigns, there’s simply no media model for so many members of the press to try to

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Butler student insults Chelsea Clinton

Leave it to an idiot Hoosier to embarrass the state of Indiana now that we’re in the national spotlight. I’m sure it’s the first of many bonehead moves Hoosiers will make when they see television cameras. From the Chicago Tribune:

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