“Big Things” Daytrip to Louisville, Kentucky

Stephanie and I took a day trip to Louisville, Kentucky to photograph big things and do other touristy stuff the weekend before my heart valve surgery. We got photos of the giant Colgate clock (the second largest timepiece in the world!), then visited the Louisville Slugger museum to photograph the giant bat and also a giant baseball glove. (Check out the cute picture where Stephanie climbed in the glove!) On the way, we found another giant "bat" of the flying variety, on the side of the building of a costume shop. I also snapped some cool googie signs in downtown Louisville, and we saw the historical marker for the woman who wrote the song "Happy Birthday."

We also visited the Louisville Zoo to see the Gorilla Forest exhibit, and to snap a photo of a rhino while he was peeing. Their zoo is really great, and quite large. We went through pretty fast so we didn’t see everything. After the zoo, we went to a funky cool restaurant called Lynn’s Paradise Cafe to photograph the giant coffee pot and tea cups in the parking lot, and ended up staying for dinner in the arty, interesting restaurant and gift shop. We also managed to snap photos of a pair of giant stone hands in front of a not for profit center.

One thing I want to do on a future visit to Louisville is visit the Louisville Derby Clock by folk-art sculptor Barney Bright. It’s a 40-foot tall mechanical clock, built in 1976, with a racing scene including figures of Daniel Boone, George Rogers Clark and other historic figures that race around the clock. It’s currently undergoing restoration, and we happened to see a promotion for it at Lynn’s Paradise Cafe.

on the road.

tanks painted like ears of corn.

Colgate Clock – 2nd largest in the world.

Giant "Bat" .

on the side of a costume shop.

Happy Birthday marker.

cool googie sign.

another cool googie sign.

giant baseball.

cool abandoned building.

Stephanie at the bat.

giant bat at Slugger Museum





Dunno if this is our neighbor or not.

slugger wall .

giant glove.

Stephanie in glove.

scary mannekin dude.

me in front of bat.

Louisville zoo – rhino peeing.




Monkey Island!!

Monkey Island!!

Monkey Island!!

Monkey Island!!


entrance to gorilla forest.

hard to get good pictures.

There was a crowd.

And flash wouldn’t work.

Gorilla Behavior. Hee.

One dude kept getting in my way.

And told me how to use my camera.

they all sit with their backs to us.

they seem to hate people watching.

Gorilla butt.

only up close pic I could get.

Dude, get out of my shot.

they still won’t look.

I kept expecting them to flip us off.

distance gorillas.

gorillas have big hands .

cool safari decor.

more gorillas.


product placement.

tired beaver.



peacocks out walking around.

we could get fairly close.



Lynn’s Paradise Cafe.

giant coffee pot.



horse sculpture.

dinosaur army on our table.

funky cool interior.


fun bathroom decor .

I need to find this and take pictures.

In the evening.

Giant kaleidoscope.

coffee pot fountain.

Giant Stone Hands.

We passed the blue monkey side show.

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