My Theory about the Sopranos Finale

I haven’t watched the last two seasons (tired of springing for HBO; they’re in the Netflix queue) but I have read the volumes of controversy over the series Finale, online and in print.
Here’s my theory, which I haven’t yet seen posited anywhere, yet… I don’t think Tony got whacked at the very end. I think you, the viewer, got whacked instead. I think Tony got tired of you following him around all the time, and had you taken out.

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3 comments on “My Theory about the Sopranos Finale
  1. I’ll bet David Chase wishes he’d thought of your explanation. Bet he didn’t. Bet this catches on…

  2. crvboy says:

    This theory was discussed on Howard Stern shortly after the finale aired. It’s not new.

  3. It’s new in that I hadn’t heard it before; I certainly don’t listen to Howard Stern.

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