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Yep, the Badonkadonk Tank is a real, purchasable Item on I’ve linked to it with my Amazon Associates ID, so if you decide to buy one, I’ll get a referral fee. Please, please by one.
I’m kidding, of course, but do read the reviews on their page, because they are hysterical.
Badonkadonk Tank

  1. lisa

    maybe i should re-think the convertible purchase. this would be much safer, and costs about the same.
    on the other hand, the convertible probably gets better fuel mileage.

  2. dj

    Steph! You missed the best part! They’ve got a website!
    Check out the “Mac-Tank” … fishtank made from an old macintosh, or the DigiPro Feet, giant, freaky contraptions that add 2 feet to one’s height … or maybe the Fire Antlers one wears upon one’s head might interest you.
    These people are nuts. And cool. But also, nuts.


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