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Yep, the Badonkadonk Tank is a real, purchasable Item on I’ve linked to it with my Amazon Associates ID, so if you decide to buy one, I’ll get a referral fee. Please, please by one.
I’m kidding, of course, but do read the reviews on their page, because they are hysterical.
Badonkadonk Tank

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3 comments on “Buy Your Own Tank on
  1. lisa says:

    maybe i should re-think the convertible purchase. this would be much safer, and costs about the same.
    on the other hand, the convertible probably gets better fuel mileage.

  2. dj says:

    Steph! You missed the best part! They’ve got a website!
    Check out the “Mac-Tank” … fishtank made from an old macintosh, or the DigiPro Feet, giant, freaky contraptions that add 2 feet to one’s height … or maybe the Fire Antlers one wears upon one’s head might interest you.
    These people are nuts. And cool. But also, nuts.

  3. Steph Mineart says:

    Holy crap, you’re right! They have super cool stuff on there, like a pair of stilts that strap onto your feet like shoes. Wicked cool. Check this out!!!!!

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