Amber Benson’ Death’s Daughter Book Contest

I should probably not add competitors to my own contest entry, but if you’re at all a fan of Amber Benson’s Death’s DaughterAmber Benson' Death's Daughter Book Contest series, the third book in the series ( Serpent’s StormAmber Benson' Death's Daughter Book Contest ) is coming out in the next few days, and you can win a copy of it in a contest at Bitten by Books by answering some questions and asking her some in return.

I picked up the first couple books in the series (Death’s DaughterAmber Benson' Death's Daughter Book Contest, Cat’s ClawAmber Benson' Death's Daughter Book Contest) a few weeks ago, and they’re a fun scifi/fantasy read. Yes, they’re not Proust. But they are what I’m reading when I’m supposed to be reading Proust, so there you go. I have yet to fall asleep in the middle, which Proust could not say.

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