Month: August 2012

Weekend Update, end of August 2012

This past week I attended An Event Apart, a major web design conference in Chicago, which was pretty awesome. I learned a lot of cool stuff especially about mobile-friendly design that I now need time to go over before I

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Random Cool: Horse Fight

I have a folder on my hard drive titled “random cool” that contains images I’ve collected over the years that don’t seem to lend themselves to obvious categorization. Occasionally I’ll flip through it if I want to decoupage something, or

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Welcome to Brighton, Iowa Shirt

Welcome to Brighton, Iowa

Brighton, Iowa is the small town my dad’s family is from – my grandparents owned a family farm there for over 80 years and many of my extended family members still live there. Until a few years ago, there was

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Things I Won’t Do Again

2012 Update: Going through my drafts folder, I found this old post from Aug 24, 2010 that I never put up, but should have. AKA, my “Fuck It” list. Inspired by Unclutterer, who was in turn inspired by Amy KR.

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Wonder Woman and Superman? Why?

Entertainment Weekly reveals that in an upcoming issue of the Justice League, Wonder Woman and Superman will start knocking boots. Yup. From the reaction I saw on Facebook and the comments at DC Women Kicking Ass, fans don’t seem to

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