Month: January 2012

Current Knitting Project: Doctor Who Scarf

I’m really in love with the way this scarf is looking. It took me a bit of trial and error to get the colors right; they don’t match the original perfectly (the purple should be more red, the green more

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Indianapolis: Super Bowl City

A collection of recent articles about Indianapolis, many from an outsider’s point of view: Explore Indy’s Surprising Food Scene – This week the world turns its attention to Indianapolis, as the Midwestern city plays host to Super Bowl XLVI.

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Indianapolis Indoor Rowing Championships

So I entered this indoor rowing competition this past weekend, and I finished my race. Isn’t that cool? I did not win. I did not place. I came in dead last. But I beat my own time. And I got

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Buffy Vs. Edward – Pop-up Video style

Rebellious Pixels produces this cool video mash-up remix of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Edward from the Twilight series, highlighting how creepy and stalker-like inappropriate Edward’s behavior is during Twilight, and how Buffy would have handled the behavior in a

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Double Yolk Eggs

Our first eggs from our friends Dave and Garrett’s chickens.

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