Month: April 2011

Silver in the City Shopping

Want. Cannot has. Already spending too much in this store. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sun King Growler Fill-up

Sampling & refilling the Growler with our favorite local craft beer.

Surprising Literary Marketing

In the New York Times – How Writers Build the Brand The surprising ways that some classic authors did some marketing prostitution (ahem) to promote their literary endeavors. “Bloomsbury set regularly posed for fashion shoots in British Vogue in the

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links for 2011-04-27

Liposuction does not permanently remove fat | Obesity Panacea However, a hot-off-the-press study by Hernandez and colleagues suggests something less ideal than this scenario. Indeed, the authors found that a year after liposuction was performed the fat initially removed is

Good Morning!

Happy Easter breakfast. (Proving that I do sometimes cook stuff!)

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