Month: February 2011

links for 2011-02-27

Autostraddle — 9 to 5 For Radicals: How to Survive Your Soul-Sucking Office Job The whole section about writing at work and going off the grid – verbatim a conversation I had last night with a friend. Yup. (tags: writing)


Fortune Cookie: “Only if you dive for pearls shall you find one.” That is awesome.

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Sucker Punch

Holy crap. I’m seeing this movie. On the day it comes out. I put a reminder on my calendar, even. Wanna go with? UPDATE: Yeah, after I read the reviews and heard how god-awful sexist it was, I didn’t go.

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links for 2011-02-26

CSS Properties Index – Jens O. Meiert A continuously updated list of all CSS properties (tags: css reference webdesign resources) Run multiple sites from the same code base (multi-site) | learnings. I need some more of them. Gotta get

links for 2011-02-25

The Smart Set: The Doctors and the Divine – February 15, 2011 In its romantic form, genius is irrational and beyond our control. In fact, true genius requires a loss of control. In a way, the romantics shift genius away