Month: September 2010

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The Shame Game | The American Prospect "The "No Wedding, No Womb" campaign makes a classic mistake: shaming women for their sexuality instead of asking how to improve outcomes for children of single-parent households." (tags: parenting sexuality racism sexism) Name

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Man's 'nerdy' hobby lands him in hot water after taking photos of Kentwood water tower | Someone needs to reign in local goverments and let them know that it is NOT illegal – in fact it is a right

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As L.S.S.I. Takes Over Libraries, Patrons Can’t Keep Quiet – If they attempted to do this in Indianapolis, I would move. I am not kidding. I would NOT live in a community that didn't have a municipally-owned and operated

Fall Television 2010 – What We Picked

In my extended exam of the reviews of new television shows this season, I ran out of space to track what we actually decided to watch. I made a list and we then cut it down to 8 shows –

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ABATE instructor’s bike

One of our ABATE instructors’ motorcycles.

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