Month: August 2010

Central Library Shelves

In the old part of the library.

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Bad Romance on the Iowa State Carillon

Awesome. Hat tip to my friend MJ for this one.

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links for 2010-08-31

Obesity: Drink till you drop | The Economist Drinking a pint of water before you eat apparently does help you lose weight. (tags: health diet nutrition fitness) Pictos Hand Crafted, Infinitely Scalable & Royalty-Free Icons for User Interface Designers –

your stupid poll – I can help you with that.

MSNBC is running a poll asking why people believe President Obama is a Muslim. It has some flaws, so I fixed it for them.

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John Cleese on creativity

John Cleese discussing writing, creativity, and getting in the zone for creative work. One of his main points is the importance of not being interrupted while writing – once you are distracted from your task, it’s very difficult to get

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