Month: June 2010

links for 2010-06-30

Wonder Woman, 69, Has Style and Mythos Makeover – "In the reimagining of her story, Wonder Woman, instead of growing up on Paradise Island with her mother, Queen Hippolyta, and her Amazon sisters, is smuggled out as a baby

Grilled Pork Tenderloin

We grilled pork tenderloin and mini potatoes on the grill today. Stephanie made a simple marinade of lemon juice and rosemary for the pork, and it came out delicious, and I seem to be getting the timing of grilling down

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Me and my shallow brain

Howdy? How have you all been. It’s been so long since we talked. I’ve been cheating on you with Facebook, I admit it. But Facebook is giving me tennis elbow, (damned Farmville!) so I need to lay off the junk

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links for 2010-06-28

Income Gaps Between Very Rich and Everyone Else More Than Tripled In Last Three Decades, New Data Show — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities The gap between the haves and the have-nots has increased by three between 1979 and

links for 2010-06-24

Berkeley tea party to protest tea cozy order Rogue knitters in California create a giant T cozy for a public sculpture (awesome!) and Berkeley freaks out and decides to remove it (ridiculous!). So the knitters stage a protest (yay!). Please,