Month: May 2010

links for 2010-05-30

10 Ways Parents Can Humiliate Their Kids On Facebook. – @TremendousNews! Actually a very funny list. Don't read it, Mom. (tags: facebook socialmedia funny)

links for 2010-05-28

Homemade Goat Cheese | Eating Is Art Looks delicious. (tags: cheese recipes) The dawn of the redesign « The Design Cubicle (tags: webdesign design redesign) Photographers Say BP Restricts Access to Oil Spill – Newsweek Of course – they don't

links for 2010-05-27

There's Something Queer about That Face: Scientific American Gay Face – it really does exist. (tags: social science research psychology lgbt)

links for 2010-05-26

The Grand Old Duke of York – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Because I heard the song twice while in England, and wanted to know what it meant. (tags: lyrics nurseryRhymes)


Photos from our stay in London on the last two days of our England trip.

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