Month: January 2010

Bad Romance (harp)

I’d love to have this as a recording.

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Tiger Beatdown › SEXIST BEATDOWN: Oh I Couldn’t Possibly Tell You Which Edition It Is, I Am Just A Girl Edition Sadly, I do this far too often myself. I should really be ashamed. Ha! (tags: feminism women culture socialization

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IMA bets with NOMA over Superbowl – a masterpiece is the bet Wow – that's better than the Mayor's rinky-dink shrimp bet. Way to raise the stakes, IMA. (tags: superbowl museum sports IMA) Cameras Roll As Obama Schools GOP I

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Obama takes the House GOP to school

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Twisted Drop Stitch Scarf Pattern « Kis*Knit Bookmarking because I needed this: "Create a twisted drop stitch: Insert needle into the stitch as if to knit. Instead of wrapping the yarn around the back needle to create a regular knit

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