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Turkey City Lexicon – A Primer for SF Workshops A lexicon of poor tropes in SF writing that should be avoided. (tags: tropes funny reference writing scifi) know more about Henning Mankell's Kurt Wallander mysteries Swedish mystery writer that

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Andy Warhol's Illustrations for The Little Red Hen From The Best in Children's Books Nelson Doubleday 1958. I personally like how the little red hen is actually pink throughout. (tags: art books illustration education warhol)

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Tiger Beatdown › The Edward Cullen Underpants Conundrum Sady illustrates for us why Twilight is really just conservative porn for Ladeez. And she's right, too. (tags: twilight feminism movies sexism celebrity) Depressed Woman Loses Health Benefits for Happy Pics on

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David Vines: If It Were Me, I'd Be Embarrassed A 17 year old Palin supporter has her facts mixed up, and gets all up in arms when a reporter confronts her with facts to correct her misinformation. (tags: Palin idiots

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7 Popular 'Chick Flicks' That Secretly Hate Women | Wow, an amazingly astute feminist article from of all places. Will wonders never cease? Brava, (tags: movies cracked feminism misogyny women)