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Home — Second Story Second Story is a non-profit writing project serving kids, schools and community organizations in Indianapolis, Ind. Programs include in-class writing instruction at local schools, as well as after-school tutoring, creative-writing workshops and other events. (tags: writing

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links for 2009-10-30 | The GOOD 100, or so GOOD Magazine's list of the most important, exciting and innovative people, ideas and products making our world better. The list is made up of of projects, people and ideas nominated by a combination

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Get Great Gadgets. And Keep Them. – Last Year's Model I can take the pledge – I still use my generation One iPhone, even after I stepped on it and cracked the screen (tags: sustainability gadget funny lifehacks consumerism frugality)

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A Rolling Stone Leads to Rome – Schott’s Vocab Blog – All’s fair in love and lemonade. If life gives you lemons, make war. (tags: english vocabulary) Story Structure & Plot – Novel Writing Tips (tags: plotting novel NaNoWriMo)

links for 2009-10-23

Plus size clothing at Ulla Popken. Women's plus size clothes. Hmmm. This is relevant to my interests. (tags: clothes shopping)