Month: August 2009

Weekend Updates

I took Thursday and Friday of last week off and created for myself a four day weekend. That was fun. I got some organizing projects done around the house, and played around a bit with a photography project. The end

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links for 2009-08-29

Tiger Beatdown › Stephen Moyer Thinks You Want To Be Raped By Your Vampire Boyfriend He would be quite wrong about that, in fact. Tiger Beatdown delivers the goods unto you on this subject matter. (tags: awesome feminism) Tiger Beatdown

links for 2009-08-28

The Great White Hope – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This is a racist term which is clear in this article, which does a good job debunking the current media apologists trying to white wash the use of it in Republican

To purchase: Therma cell mosquito repellent

Therma cell mosquito repellent. Boy, do we need one of these. I get eaten alive on the front porch.

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links for 2009-08-27

WHEN NOVELISTS SOBER UP | More Intelligent Life Sadly, the first thing I thought after reading this was "maybe I'd be a better writer if I took up drinking!" Missing the point entire, I suspect. (tags: literature drinking criticism culture)