Month: June 2009

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Matt Taibbi – Fareed Zakaria’s Manifesto Taibbi: "From a distance I’ve always vaguely admired the skills of Newsweek’s Fareed Zakaria, who is maybe this country’s preeminent propagandist…. It’s one thing to say Wall Street bankers felt pressure to chase profits;

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Scooterworks USA – Everything for Scooters (tags: scooters shopping) Midwest Emerging Artists | MEA (tags: local artists) (tags: scooters) Gasoline Rally 2009 (tags: indianapolis) Photography.Book.Now: Home A competition for self-published photography books. This is relevant to my interests. (tags:

How to Post to Online Forums

A guide for little Billy. (And you.)

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Alien Invasion diorama

Our dash display. West to East: The Road Home from Roswell.

Roswell VW Car Show

Lots of cool cars.

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