Month: April 2008

Doggie playdate

Flickr Photoset Jonathan brought his Dachshunds, Jackson and Jefferson, over to play with Spike in the backyard, and some of our other friends joined us.

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Racing stripes on the hood

Our on-going bottlecap art car project

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National Day of Silence

Observing this year’s National Day of Silence in honor of young Lawrence King.

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The New York Times comes to Kokomo, Indiana

My family is originally from southeastern rural Iowa, and regardless of the small town life aspect, they’re very well-educated and don’t talk like hayseeds and goobers. Sit down and talk to them about the election and they have intelligent, thoughtful

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links for 2008-04-24

Color + Design Blog / All 120 Crayon Names, Color Codes and Fun Facts by COLOURlovers Very cool – Crayon names and their corresponding hex colors for web design. Now I can make stuff with Burnt Sienna. (tags: color crayons

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