Month: December 2006

New Year’s Resolutions – 2007

I have this trouble where I try very hard not to do something — drop a screw, tip over a paint can, upend a box of packing peanuts — and whatever I’m working so hard to avoid is exactly what

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links for 2006-12-31

AP Poll: Bush #1 Villain of 2006 (tags: bush politics poll funny) Ancient ice shelf breaks free from Canadian Arctic – A giant ice shelf the size of 11,000 football fields has snapped free from Canada’s Arctic, scientists said.

2006 Year In Review

You can see a lot of what we did in 2006 just by looking at my Flickr photos sets, but here are the highlights. 1. Stephanie and I bought a house and moved into it together. Considering that we were

John Edwards is using Act Blue for Fundraising

That’s pretty cool that John Edward’s campaign website collects contributions by connecting to ActBlue, the website that raises money for democratic candidates. I used Act Blue to solicit campaign contributions during the last election, and found them to be well

links for 2006-12-30

Hussein executed, Iraqi TV stations report – (tags: politics law war Iraq) IMDb Bottom 100 Worst films ever, according to IMDb. (tags: movies lists) Wine Spectator | Editors Picks | The Top 100 wines of 2006 (tags: food 2006