Month: May 2006

No amnesty for citizens who can’t spell, either

Courtesy of this live journaler: Can we keep the immigrants and throw out the morons who don’t know how to spell? Honk for English, indeed.

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Video Game encouraging killing gay people

A description of the new “Left Behind” video game, based on the series of books, the game will be release in October 0f 2006, just in time for Christmas. The synopsis is from the “Talk to Action” website. The game

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links for 2006-05-31

Tombstone Generator You can create a tombstone graphic — I refrained from filling one out for myself. I did, however, note the death of democracy in January, 2001. (tags: generator graphics signs) Blog Snobbery 101 | ara pehlivanian hee. (tags:

Painting, Day Three

Carolyn came for the third day in a row to help us paint yesterday, and we got the library, dining room and living room all finished. Carolyn Elliot is certainly the woman of the hour in our book — she

Painting, Day Two

With Carolyn’s help, we managed to finish painting the library and get a first coat of paint on the dining room. Tomorrow we start on the living room and finish up the dining room. The colors we picked are exactly

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