Month: February 2006

Troops don’t know why they’re in Iraq

Zogby conducted a poll of U.S. troops fighting in Iraq, on a number of different subjects. What jumped out at me is this paragraph, though… The wide-ranging poll also shows that 58% of those serving in country say the U.S.

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Giant Cross in Terre Haute

The Cross Tabernacle Church has erected a nearly 50 cross near U.S. 41 outside Terre Haute. If I’m not mistaken, there are a number of giant things in that area that we’re planning to photograph on a weekend roadtrip already,

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AFA boycotting Desperate Housewives

The American Family Association is urging a boycott of Desperate Housewives. Of course my response to TV censorship is always “unplug the TV” — but this time the nutjobs are addressing my retort: Some people have said to pro-family viewers

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“The Kiterunner” does not contain “pornography”

Some (idiot moron) parents in Lawrence Township schools are objecting to the book “The Kiterunner” being assigned in class, because they claim there is a scene that is “pornographic” in it. The Kiterunner is a story of children living in

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Either/Or #5

From Favorite Color or Favorite Number? Color. Shower in the Morning or Shower in the Evening? Morning The Grand Canyon or The Great Pyramids of Egypt? Pyramids White Pages or Yellow Pages? White. People are more interesting than businesses.

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