Month: January 2006


I caught the 2003 movie Saved! this weekend. There was a lot of controversy when it came out because it a comedy that depicts a Christian school in a less-than-flattering way. After watching it, though, it’s clear that the comedic

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Oscar Classic Movies on TCM

Beginning February 1st, Turner Classic Movies will air 360 “Oscar winner and nominee” movies, 3 per evening, until the Academy Awards (which airs March 5th). All of them are uncut and commercial free. Of course, the criteria to qualify as

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Indiana Lobbying Reform Bill dies

Gary at Advance Indiana has an excellent post on the lobbying reform bill that just died in Indiana’s legislature. Indiana has a serious loophole in it’s lobbying laws that allow what amounts to corruption on the part of many lobbyists,

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My message to the suiciders is “we will hunt you down and kill you”

A great movie that anticipates what Bush’s State of the Union Address will be, with a guy doing a dead-on impression of Bush. It’s hilarious. Our children must be literized, don’t forget.

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World of Warcraft and GLBT Guilds

Interesting… Blizzard Entertainment, the company that produces the World of Warcraft MMORPG is penalizing players for identifying themselves as gay in the game, saying that they are doing it for the “protection” of gay players: While we appreciate and understand

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