Month: January 2006

Kerasotes Theaters (Glendale) 5 Buck Club

Kerasotes Theaters is offering a five dollar club, with a discount card that you can use to see movies for five dollars any time for movies that have been playing at least two weeks. That’s a pretty nice deal for

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Pets during the Rapture.

An entire discussion forum for what will happen to pets when “The Rapture” happens. Yeah. People, there’s nothing in the Bible about the Rapture. Check out the two biblical passages that are the basis for this belief: “Then there will

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#2 Pencil

Jlease fill in your answers on a sheet of paper, then enter in comments section. Do not look at other commenters’ answers before entering yours. Please remember the Honor Code as you take your test. Good luck! 1. The best

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Mini-Derby Cars

My dad made me three of these kick-ass cool cars when I was in elementary school, as part of the YMCA Indian Princesses Mini Derby race. They’re carved out of a block of wood and then painted. The idea was

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Congress blocked from Wikipedia

My brother Scott sent me this dandy link to a page on Wikipedia detailing a problem they’ve had with our elected officials. Seems some of the folks inside the beltway have been vandalizing wikipedia pages by replacing their own politician’s

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