Month: June 2005

King Kong Trailer

The trailer for the King Kong movie is out!!! Movie to be released December 14th. I can’t wait!! What sucks, though, is that the only downloads they have at the site are AIM icons. I want wallpaper, people. Nevermind, I’ll

Site Design: Oooo, Pretty!

Check out the new site design for the DNC.

Big Things: Giant Barrel, mechanical puppet in France

Photos of a giant barrel at a Jules Verne celebration in France. Inside is a giant mechanical puppet, that interacts with a strange elephant with a cathedral on it’s back. They parade through the streets, and eventually the puppet puts

tshirt blogging; day 4, 5, & 6

A really old t-shirt that I love because it has a cool tiger on the front. It’s not really in the wearable pile anymore either, but I’ll try to do something with the logo. Why do I keep sticking my

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