Month: April 2005

Happy Anniversary!

It’s Stephanie’s and my first anniversary together. A year ago we went to Iaria’s Restaurant on our second date and stood on my patio and kissed at the end of the night. I love her so much and just wanted

Feeling slightly better

I didn’t sleep much last night either (dreams, and just inability to sleep) but I’m feeling alright today. Typing is not easy to do, however, so not much blogging. Mainly I’ve been watching TV/DVDs and reading magazines.

worst nightmares I’ve ever had

I’m not sure whether it’s the heart surgery or the Vicodin I’m on, or some terrible combination of both, but I just had two of the most horrible nightmares I’ve ever had. Something is seriously wrong. There is no way

yep, I’m home

I’ve been home since this afternoon trying to take it easy. Just for the record, typing with a large chest incision is NOT FUN and I won’t be doing a whole lot of it for a while. Owwww! When Stephanie

Home again!

Steph’s home! And yes, she’s already reading her e-mail. ๐Ÿ™‚