Month: March 2005

DIY VW Microbus

A new Japanese craze is modding a Suzuki van to look like a VW Micro Bus. Cool. Since I can’t actually get a new microbus (VW decided not to produce the new concept car) I might have to do this,

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Cool Headstones

In the event that I die, which I’m quite certain will be 50 years from now and not any time soon, I really want to have this cool headstone from Lundgren Monuments. Because it’s glass and is really cool looking.

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I started to leave for lunch to get some sunshine a little while ago. Unfortunately, although I remembered my wallet and key card, I forgot to take my car keys with me. And on my car keys is the elevator

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World Beard and Mustache Championships

I wrote a couple of years ago about one of my favorite quirky contests, the World Beard and Mustache Championships. Now National Geographic covers the contest in a recent issue. This years event occurs October 1st in Berlin.

Living Wills

Stephanie and I met with an attorney last night to arrange to get living wills. She’ll draw them up and then send them to us next week. She charges $230 an hour (wow!) and it should take her a couple

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