Month: June 2004

I totally want to do this…

How to make a home made flame thrower out of PVC pipe.

Weekend Update

Friday, Stephanie and I went to Girl’s Game Night and had fun. It was nice to see Lori, whom I haven’t seen in a while, and her friend Kat was fun. Saturday was busy because Stephanie had a skating competition


Courtesy of Q1: Are you in favor of privatizing Social Security? No. I’m in favor of fixing the system, but not privatizing it. I’d write the book on how and why that can be done, but I belive it’s

Iraq war ‘will cost each US family $3,415’

Well, I can’t afford it. Spike’s going to have to get a doggie job. The United States has spent more than $126bn on the war in Iraq, which will ultimately cost every American family an estimated $3,415, according to a

Yea! Stephanie’s home!

I’m so happy; I got to spend the evening with Stephanie last night. Turns out she’s not at all a figment of my imagination. ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel like I should have little cartoon blue birds flying around my head this