Month: July 2003

Bush’s “Terror Futures” Market: Betting on your loved one’s deaths

Until the project was hastily killed yesterday; Pentagon bureaucrats were busily building a new Web site where we could all invest in the future of terrorism. Their “Policy Analysis Market” (funded by the Bush White House and thought up by

17-year-old Indianapolis Youth Killed Because She Was Trans

From the Indianapolis Star: Gregory Johnson and his friend Brandie Coleman were killed and left in an SUV set on fire in the 6700 block of Fall Creek Parkway, North Drive. Johnson, they say, was a sweet and funny young

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I Heart Something

You can’t beat this at all. I wish I’d thought of it. My favorite part of the page is the product information: “Our 100% Cotton Baseball Jerseys are popular with both men and women.”

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Borders Follow Up

Here’s the message I sent to Borders at this website URL: “I have a question about something I read online at this website: “According to this article, a woman who criticized George Bush was banned from the Fredericksburg Virginia

Top Ten Conservative Idiots

for this week, courtesy of Democratic Underground. Highlights this week: relatives of 9-11 casualties are upset by the report on 9-11 failures; specifically on what was left out to cover the ass of the Bush Administration. Also Condoleeza Rice keeps