Month: April 2003

If You’re Not A Terrorist, You Have Nothing to Worry About

“We helped ourselves to the buffet and then sat down to begin eating our dinner. I was just about to tell Asher how I’d eaten there before and how delicious the vegetable curry was, but I never got a chance.

Who is Running Our Country?

Garner: Americans Should Beat Chests with Pride: The retired general overseeing Iraq’s postwar reconstruction said on Wednesday that his fellow Americans should beat their chests with pride at having toppled Saddam Hussein (news – web sites) without destroying the country’s

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Molly Ivins Hits The Nail On the Head

As always, Molly writes an excellent column, this time on one of my favorite subjects, the Mystery of the Disappearing Weapons of Mass Destruction. “In the weeks before Gulf War II, the United States told the world Saddam Hussein was

Feminism 201: The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)

The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), affirming the equal application of the U.S. Constitution to both females and males, is still not a part of the U. S. Constitution. The ERA has been ratified by 35 of the necessary 38 states.

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A Good Movie Review

Here’s a review that will guarantee I’ll go see the movie “Identity.” UPDATE: I eventually saw this movie and hated it because it does a huge disservice to people suffering from a certain mental illness. In retrospect this wasn’t a