Month: March 2003

Fair and Balanced Coverage

Yep, that’s what you’ll get from Fox “News”. Because they aren’t biased. No siree.

Kong Is Back

Peter Jackson of LOTR fame will remake one of my favorite movies ever: King Kong. Unfortunately, it won’t be starring me in the title role. But it’s bound to be a great film. I can’t wait to see it. I

Weekend Update

Kathy did most of the work finishing the drywall in the living room while I stressed out as everything when haywire for me all week long. (You can interpret “stressed out” as “threw temper tantrums”). The wall around the fireplace

“It’s Not About The Oil” – Part 357

The US. Army names two Iraq outposts after oil companies. Also, the military renames an Iraq airport “Bush International Airport.” Take a picture, George, it’s the only airport you’ll ever get.

Logic? We don’t need no stinkin’ logic

A conversation between a warmonger and a peacenik. Vaguely resembling a conversation I’ve had several times recently.