Month: December 2002

Books I’ve Read in 2002 (48 Titles)

All the books I read in 2002. Click on a title to purchase it from

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Xmas Update

So. Xmas was very fun. There was a lot stuff going on around my house, but not much that’s interesting, except stuff about my girlfriend, which there’s no way I’m gonna talk about here. So, hey, I got nothin’ to

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Free State Project

Now, the concept behind the “Free State Project” is interesting. What they want to do is get a whole bunch of people who have roughly the same libertarian sort of political beliefs and have them all move to one state,

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Cheese Ball

From the kitchen of: Ken Jackson.

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Top 50 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

“The Most Significant Science Fiction & Fantasy Books of the Last 50 Years, 1953-2002” according to the Science Fiction Book Club.

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