Month: October 2002

American Science and Surplus

American Science and Surplus. I love this site. I used to get the catalog and buy all kinds of goofy science gadgets. Now I can order them online.

Tom Greene / Drew Barrymore divorce

Okay, check out the divorce papers of Tom Greene and Drew Barrymore, and compare what Tom claims are his intellectual property rights versus the intellectual property Drew owns. Hmmm. I think in this divorce, Drew must get to keep the

Karl and Maggie

Karl and Maggie (who just got married the other day) are moving to Green Bay tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™ I stopped by their house at lunch to say goodbye, and also to get a couple of cases of beer they had in

My Redneck Neighbor

I’m reposting this link for future reference: My Redneck Neighbor.

This weekend was BUSY

This weekend was BUSY. Friday night was girls game night, Saturday night was the Mutual Friends AutumnFest, and Sunday Deb helped me build a cellar door. DEB RULES, by the way. She kicked ass on the door. I’ll have photos