Month: September 2002

yourself in an Onion article

It’s bad when you recognize yourself in an Onion article…

pet thoughts

Whenever I’m home, I hear a noise, and think it’s Idgie. I start to look around, and then I remember. When I walk in the door after work, I open the door and say, “I’m home!” to the cat. I

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Tim Goldman

Look, it’s Tim Goldman, a friend from college. At my job, we’ve been looking for an illustrator to do some work for us, and Rich was talking about this friend of a friend, a guy named Tim Goldman who lives

Goodby, Idgie

I had to put Idgie to sleep this morning. There was nothing they could do for her; her kidneys were already in failure and they couldn’t operate. I just lost my best friend.

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My cat Idgie is very sick

My cat Idgie is very sick. It appears from x-rays that she had kidney stones. She’s staying at the vet’s tonight, and tomorrow we have to have another x-ray to make sure that’s what the problem is. If so, I

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