Month: August 2002

This is Ernie, from Ernie is a web developer and his job, from what I can tell on his weblog posts, is pretty damned close to mine. Ernie is Asian-American. He’s cute. He’s gay. And he lives in San

Favorite quote of the week

“I haven’t been up that early since Princess Diana’s wedding.” — Carrie Bradshaw, Sex in the City.

Brushes With Fame

We’ve been having an e-mail discussion of brushes with fame this morning, so here’s mine: 1. I interviewed Chastity Bono for a newsletter. 2. I know Dick Wolfsie, the local news channel 8 morning guy who did a report on

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Salon Advice column by Cary Tennis

I’m reprinting this Question and Answer from the Salon Advice column by Cary Tennis. Dear Cary, I ought to be jumping for joy. I’m in my first serious relationship since the big split about two years ago. Holly is beautiful,

Living downtown is cool, hip and trendy

Hey here’s an article on something I figured out back in 1992: Living downtown is cool, hip and trendy. “The death and life of America’s cities” – Fred Siegel, The Public Interest But do you own a cool Victorian there?

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