Month: July 2002

1984 vs. George W. Bush

Fascinating comparison of circumstances from George Orwell’s book 1984 to today’s Bush administration and the “War on Terror.” Well, fascinating and also scary as hell.

liberal european cultures and fundamentalist Muslims

This is a really fascinating article on the difficulties liberal european cultures face when fundamentalist Muslims emigrate to their countries. Muslims, who believe that homosexuals and women who are raped should be put to death, are trying to maintain their

The Meaning of Courage

“for the same basic choice of courage or compliance continually faces us all, whether we fear the anger of constituents, friends, a board of directors or our union, whenever we stand against the flow of opinion on strongly contested issues….

the “Possibilities” commercial

Have you seen the “Possibilities” commercial for Colorado Tourism? They play it alot on BBC America, and it’s annoying. It’s scary to discover that the online version is extended and even more doofy than the one they play on TV.

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Funny Links

–Great. Its’ not enough that we have citizens informing on their neighbors. Now we’re starting up new Hitler Youth groups right here in America. — Then again, maybe we don’t have to worry about the government going off the deep

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